Value for time certification

The Value for Time® certification is awarded to hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and restaurants in the District that meet a set of Slow Tourism criteria. The criteria include objective, evaluative, cognitive and emotional factors, covering four broad areas: People, Administration, Sustainability and Territory. Value for Time certification offers visitors a clearer idea of the benefits of quality “Slow” services. Certification also helps to promote the unique cultural, social and economic identity of the territory.


DEKRA Testing and Certification S.r.l. is a private and independent organisation, with offices throughout Italy. It is a certification and inspection body for products, services, and processes, as well as for certifying skill acquisition. DEKRA participates in important international programs regarding the promotion and safeguarding of regional and national peculiarities by verifying compliance with technical, regulatory and voluntary guidelines and specifications. The VxT (Value for Time) project: DEKRA is the independent third party responsible for inspecting facilities that have applied for certification. DEKRA inspectors visit the facilities to check that they meet the various performance level parameters specified in the technical regulations corresponding to the type of facility (restaurant, accommodation, etc.). The evaluation of each individual facility involves assigning a quality level that is updated and re-evaluated on the basis of annual inspections.

Click here to download the Statutes governing the Value for Time initiative (text in Italian)