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The unforgettable experiences of the Umbria - Marches Appenines


  • Create your own handmade paper in Fabriano.
  • Experience the Ceri procession in Gubbio, where participants carry immense wooden pedestals crowned with statues of saints through the streets.
  • Go caving with the Grotta di Frasassi adventure trail.
  • Work clay to create ceramic items in Gualdo Tadino and Gubbio.
  • Visit the natural "cathedral" in the mount Cucco caves and feel the Apennines breathing.
  • Follow the path carved by water and time through the rock along the Rio Freddo gorge.
  • Go hang-gliding on mount Cucco and enjoy a unique perspective over the medieval towns of the Chiascio valley.
  • Search for white gold, sniffing out truffles in Acqualagna with the help of a truffle hound.
  • Taste wine made from Verdicchio grapes on a traditional farm in Cerreto d’Esi in the Marche hills.
  • Watch leather being cured, or see how pipes are made by the Cagli craftsmen.
  • Marvel at the magnificence of the gilded bronze statues in Pergola.
  • Follow the Way of the Hermits, from the ancient Roman road of Sassoferrato to the town of Pascelupo, and visit the scriptorium at the Fonte Avellana hermitage.
  • Admire the ornately decorated office where the celebrated mercenary leader turned Duke, Federico da Montefeltro, worked in the Palazzo Ducale in Gubbio.
  • Apply for membership of the Ugly Club (founded 1879) in Piobbico.
  • Look out over the whole of Marche from the vantage point of the castle in Frontone. Discover the "flaming rocks" in Fratte Rosa.